Investor FAQs

Where are Autolus Therapeutics’ corporate headquarters?
Autolus Therapeutics plc
The Mediaworks
191 Wood Lane
White City
W12 7FP
Where is the company incorporated?
United Kingdom
When did Autolus Therapeutics go public? What was the price?
22 June 2018
What is Autolus Therapeutics’ fiscal year?
1 October to 30 September
How is Autolus Therapeutics’ stock traded?
Autolus Therapeutics’ American Depository Shares (ADS) are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol AUTL
Does Autolus Therapeutics pay dividends?
Autolus Therapeutics does not anticipate declaring or paying dividends in the foreseeable future
Who is Autolus Therapeutics’ Depository Agent?
Who do I contact with questions about my stock?
With questions about Autolus Therapeutics’ ADSs, please contact Citibank and Investor Relations at Autolus
Who is Autolus Therapeutics' auditor?
Ernst & Young
Who is Autolus Therapeutics' legal counsel?
Cooley LLP
How many employees does Autolus Therapeutics have?
Approximately 300
How many offices does Autolus Therapeutics have worldwide?
Where can I find out more about Autolus Therapeutics?
Please visit for more information
Where can I get the latest corporate news releases and financial reports?
Please visit and select press releases or financials
Where can I view documents Autolus Therapeutics has filed with the Securities & Exchange Commsision (SEC), including Annual and Interim Reports?
Please visit and select financials
How can I obtain further information or materials on Autolus Therapeutics?
Whom should I contact regarding investor enquiries?